One director, part of the Chinese new wave cinema, Ye Lou, almost like a mission, brings stories and characters to the screen that can be easily considered a part of the outcast. So it is also in his latest film “Blind Massage” where the main characters are blind masseuses and the heart of the film is a small oasis in the middle of busy Nanjing – the Sha Zhong Massage Center.

The blind friends (Wang Zhihua) and Sha (Qin Hao) partner together running this center, where all the workers feel respected and love being at. They are nicely called “doctors” and they take pride in working there. Zhang is modest and full of action, whereas Sha is more of a charmer who likes to write poems and go to dancing with the oldies. All those, working in the center, lead a normal life and especially do so the youngsters. Like in any closed environment, there is jealousy, lack for personal space and misunderstandings. One night, friend of Sha Xiao takes Sha to the red light district, where he meets beautiful prostitute Mann and more often, especially for the rainy evenings, he finds himself retrieved in her company.

This movie that slowly introduces us the world of the blind from their perspective and almost as it was its holy job, lets us closer and closer to the actions and characters themselves, is a interesting and beautiful film.

PÖFF / Maria Reinup

China / France 2014