I EuroEufooria I
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  • 1h 10 min
  • Documentary

"Euro Euphoria" is the first film about the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a fast-paced story full of humour that captivates the viewer with a cascade of perspectives amid aficionados' adventures on the sidelines of the annual contest.

The inquisitive author travels to Malmö to understand how the phenomenon of fandom affects the ESC and what is actually going on behind the scenes out of the reach of cameras.

Do gender, race, age or sexual orientation stir up controversies at the international music extravaganza? Does it offer one of those rare opportunities to find your soul-mate for life? The quest is on, every night, 7 days a week.

In his journey to deconstruct the followers of ESC, the author meets "old timers" as well as people working in the organizing crew. By portraying the members of the Estonian Eurovision Fan Club and the devotees from other countries, the experience gets boiled down to its essence in an exhuberant display of friendship between nations.

"Euro Euphoria" is a feature documentary filmed in Malmö, Sweden during Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Estonia 2014

Director: Ermo Säks