Quentin Dupieux is the director, who made „Rubber” in 2010. A movie about a car tire on a killing spree, that in one hand was hilarious and amazing, rising into cult status almost immediately and yet in the other left people scratching their heads. In that kind of a way, that once the movie ends and the lights go on, you go „What the hell?”.

Jack Plotnick, already known to the fans of Dupieux, plays Dolph. Dolph is a mild guy, who seeks no trouble. Dolph’s main problem is that he has lost his dog. One day, when he goes out to look for it, he finds out that he is a victim of a bizarre conspiracy gone wrong and has to seek for the dog by different measures than planned. All of his attention concentrated on the quest, he loses his job, that he was fired from already 3 months ago and suddenly his palm tree turns into a pine. It takes little for everything to be wrong.

In a humorous, yet surreal way, the film has more in it than just picking on the things that irritate the main character by being wrong. The struggles of Dolph and the irony of them underline the real theme of the film – how we tend to over complicate a situation by failing to see the obvious. WRONG is maybe the closest thing to stand-up comedy executed as film, accompanied with director’s own music (known as Mr. Oizo) together with Tahiti Boy, adding a setting and wry score.

Maria Reinup