Ever since his explosive feature debut "Crack Willow" Martin Radich has been a UK director to watch out for. A filmmaker with an uncompromising view and immense talent, his latest film is yet another sign of him on the road to become one of the great UK directors.

"Norfolk" follows the fortunes of a reclusive father and son who have an intense and close relationship. But this relationship begins to fracture when the father’s past as a mercenary begins to catch up to him. As the son falls for a girl who lives amongst a group of people his father considers enemies he begins to question the entire structure of his life and their entire relationship will be irrevocably changed. This is a powerful and charged affair that revels in the obtuse and the ambiguous. Dealing with complex issues such as the nature of good and evil and the power and terror of family, Radich creates a rich world which feels post-apocalyptic even though it is firmly rooted in the present day. Utilising different techniques – at one point using a toy camera – Radich keeps us on edge throughout as we are drawn into this strange world. The performances are wonderful with Denis Menochet giving a brooding and considered performance as the domineering yet caring father.

Tough, strange and surreal "Norfolk" marks the continuing development of a considerable talent in the UK film industry. Anyone with an interest in modern British cinema will not find themselves disappointed.

Laurence Boyce / PÖFF

UK 2015